Approach - Digital marketing for startups
How to find the right mentor for your startup?

With numerous startups coming up every other day all over the world, there is a definite need for startup mentors. The requirement and demand has never been so much, and one of the primary reasons that entrepreneurs looks for a good mentor is to ensure that nothing goes wrong during their startup journey.


How startups and SMEs can succeed
How startups and SMEs can succeed in today’s ecosystem?

Being in a startup ecosystem has never been as exciting as it is today. The opportunities are abound and there is room for many to play in this space. The top cities that produce tech startups are Bangalore, NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and other fast emerging cities. More

Approach - Digital marketing for startups
Startup accelerators – why and what is expected?

India has become one of the world’s favourite ‘startup’ destinations. The numbers say it all!.India is one of the top 5 startup communities in the world. Over 4200 new age companies have come up during the last year. As per NASSCOM’s statistics we have over 3100 startups in IT (as of last year) and expected to have 11,500 startups by 2020.


Approach - Digital marketing for startups
Startups – how to get your digital marketing approach right?

Startups typically have two major challenges to overcome – Time and money. Though time is money by the old age saying, here we are considering the importance of both separately. In a short period of time, startups have to create the impact, grow their business as it is a question of survival. Either grow or perish seems to be the order of the day. More

How to make your company, a brand
How to make your company, a brand?

From about a century ago where we called it the ‘age of manufacturing’, to a decade back we termed it as the age of information, today we are at the ‘age of the customer’. In some of my conferences, as a speaker, I have highlighted this – many entrepreneurs feel that branding is only for large companies; branding is a big budget exercise; branding involves huge time and effort and we cannot afford both. More

Digital marketing for startups – quick-fire ways to launch your product or service!

The world is witnessing the emergence of startups that was never seen before, in this scale. The biggest question that most entrepreneurs face is that of how to launch their product or service quickly into the market place. As we all know, startups are meant to be ‘lean’. So finance is going to be one of the biggest challenges for most of them. Does digital marketing cost a lot of money? More

Business plan for startups
How to create an effective Business Plan?

In many of my conferences, when I ask the audience as to how many prepare business plan for their company, or even how many do set business goals, I do see only a few hands going up. I don’t even need my second hand to count them. Well, you are not new to this; but then let’s understand as to why this does not happen.More

Digital Marketing for Startups; Secrets exposed

Are you a startup, trying to launch your product or service? Are you a startup, trying to figure out as to how to build your brand? If you have not looked at digital marketing, then it is high time to give it a serious thought. Digital marketing, as I have mentioned in my earlier blogs and columns, has the power to shake and dislodge traditional markets and enterprises. More

Execution is the Key for Startup’s Success
Do you have the right Business Strategy for your startup?

Planning for right business strategy is better than failing to plan. A NASSCOM report states that the Indian Startup ecosystem is likely to grow 4-fold by 2020; total number of startups is likely to grow to 11,500+ by 2020, from about 3000+ as of last year. Though as an entrepreneur, you have the flexibility in terms of work schedules, more important is to keep your commitment levels up to ensure higher probability of success.More

Use Analytics in Digital Marketing, to power your business decisions

From an IT age, it is the age of the customer today. Digital marketing is getting unified. It is no longer inbound Vs outbound; or SEO Vs email campaigns, etc. How well one is able to deliver all of these channels into a common stream, establishes the winner Vs loser, in today’s digital world. More

Execution is the Key for Startup’s Success
Who, how, and why a startup?

In a recently concluded Global Entrepreneurship Summit, I had the opportunity to meet with some of the students’ community too. One of them posed a question – Should we become an entrepreneur now? Or are we safe in taking up a job with a decent salary? I am sure this question is not uniqueMore

Email marketing, a powerful way to expand your business

Marketing is all about creating great customer experiences, consistently. It has transformed itself significantly over the last few years, thanks to digital marketing. Today, marketing is not just meant for large corporate (which were the case decades ago) but for every startup, SME can boast to benefit from. More

Execution is the Key for Startup’s Success
Why and how to have a Successful Process Improvement Program?

Numerous organizations have embarked on various Process Improvement Programs (PIP) with an objective to streamline operations, reduce cost, increase productivity, enhance efficiency and build a robust organization. Across industries / verticals, be it manufacturing, retail, IT, etc. More

Build to scale

Not all startups are successful. The reasons could be a combination of - business planning, revenue model, leadership team, target segments, product, and most often execution. I have seen startups that had almost all the elements needed to transition into a sustainable, high-growth business, but lacked guidance and More

Execution is the Key for Startup’s Success
Execution is the Key for Startup’s Success

Ideas can be dime and dozen, but Leadership is all about the ‘ability to execute’. Today, the biggest differentiator between you and your competition will be your ability to execute.More

Why do startups need a business mentor?

Recently, I had an opportunity to deliver a session to a large group of entrepreneurs. At the end of my presentation I was asked by a half a dozen entrepreneurs requesting me to be their mentor. One of them posed a question – “why will I need a mentor as I am already running a reasonable successful startup? “ More

Startup Xperts - Sales Process Outsourcing
Does Sales Process Outsourcing(SPO) Work? – Part II

Most of you would have read the Part 1 of our post on Sales Process Outsourcing that touched upon those phases of the sales cycle that lend themselves to outsourcing. This part of sales process outsourcingMore

Startup Xperts - SPO
Does Sales Process Outsourcing(SPO) Work? - Part I

The business of selling, in much of the corporate world, is perceived as a function to which business targets (sales quotas in strict sales-speak!) are handed down, with the expectation that they will be More

Startup Xperts - Startup Business
Is Just an Idea Enough…? Points to ponder before start(ing) up…!

An innovative idea is the most important seed for a startup business venture. An innovative idea can bring about a significant change in the way a product or service is adopted by the customer,More

Startup Xperts - Standards
An Overview of Globally Recognized Certifications & Standards

Globalization has shrunk the world to an extent where we can see its impact in numerous instances in daily life. We use laptops and PCs for instance, which are assembled in China, More

Startup Xperts - digital marketing
Are you missing out in Digital Marketing?

The way that we have done business in the past and the way it is now have undergone a transformation, a digital revolution indeed. A few years ago, Facebook was hardly known; LinkedIn’s presence was not felt. But today digital is all over the place. More

Startup Xperts - Leadership coach
Do you need a leadership coach?

Are you learning to lead a larger mission or corporate objective?

Do you feel that you are being under pegged and not given higher responsibilities?

Are you being overlooked constantly in not been given promotions, in spite of your performance? More